On line 100-Level Transformational Yoga® Certification Course

Our 100-level training is for anyone who is interested in learning more about Transformational Yoga® and how this incredible integral system can be used to transform your everyday life, bringing more peace of mind, health, vitality and deeper connection to Self.

This training is also for those who are interested in becoming a 200-level Certified Transformational Yoga® teacher as this course gives you credits towards your 200-level Transformational Yoga® Teacher training.

What's included?

  • A self-paced course where you will gain in-depth Transformational Yoga® training over 6 weeks
  • Credits towards your 200-Level Transformational Yoga®  Teacher Training
  • Learn all the Transformational Yoga® techniques that prepare the body, energy and mind for true yoga and meditation
  • Learn how to bring peace and calm to yourself
  • Welcome and introduction from Swami Vidyanand, the founder of Transformational Yoga®
  • Video guides with step by step instructions
  • Numerous resources, further reading and workbooks to download
  • Weekly guidance focusing on each body with practical exercises
  • Over 7 different meditations and Yoga Nidras
  • Discussion boards to ask questions
  • Lifetime access to all content
  • Certification with the SriMa International School of Transformational Yoga®
  • Transformational Yoga® lessons

Bonus material includes:

  • Live Transformational Yoga®  classes
  • Affirmation Cards
  • How to personalize and accessorize your yoga and meditation practice
  • 20% Discounts on Yoga and Meditation related products purchased on line

Lifetime access! Affordable, certified and online

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome, Intro and Getting Started

    • Welcome

    • Welcome from Swamiji Vidyanand

    • How this Course is Structured

    • Certification and Qualification

    • What is Yoga

    • Who are the Founders of Transformational Yoga and What Makes It Different

    • Resources and Further Reading

    • Before we start...

  • 2

    The Anatomy of Transformational Yoga, Mantras and Purification

    • My Workbook

    • The Anatomy of Transformational Yoga

    • Transformational Yoga Mantras

    • Listen: Invocation Mantra

    • Listen: Element Mantra

    • Transformational Yoga Purification Techniques

    • Transformational Yoga Meditation

    • Your Transformational Journey

    • Quiz: The Anatomy of TY

    • Give it a go

    • Resources and Further Reading

    • Article: Mantras for Meditation

  • 3

    Transformational Yoga Class

    • Transformational Yoga Class 1

    • Transformational Yoga Class 2

    • Transformational Yoga Class 3

    • Listen: Yoga Nidra - 1

  • 4

    The Physical Body

    • My Workbook

    • Bodies and Chakras

    • Chakras

    • Asanas

    • Transforming Bad Habits of the Physical Body

    • Listen: Meditation for the Physical Body

    • Quiz: The Physical Body

    • Resources and Further Reading

    • Your Transformational Journey - the Physical Body

    • Give it a go

  • 5

    The Prana Body

    • My Workbook

    • Chakras

    • Asanas

    • Prana Channels

    • Prana Channels Demonstration

    • Transforming Bad Habits of the Prana Body

    • Listen: Meditation for the Prana Body

    • Quiz: The Prana Body

    • Resources and Further Reading

    • Your Transformational Journey - the Prana Body

    • Give it a go

  • 6

    The Mental Body

    • My Workbook

    • Chakras

    • Asanas

    • Aspects of the Mental Body

    • Transforming Bad Habits of the Mental Body

    • Listen: Meditation for the Mental Body

    • Quiz: The Mental Body

    • Resources and Further Reading

    • Your Transformational Journey - the Mental Body

    • Give it a go

  • 7

    The Psychic Body

    • My Workbook

    • Chakras

    • Asanas

    • Transforming Bad Habits of the Psychic Body

    • Listen: Meditation for the Psychic Body

    • Quiz: The Psychic Body

    • Resources and Further Reading

    • Your Transformational Journey - the Psychic Body

    • Give it a go

  • 8

    Chakra Mantras

    • What are Chakra Mantras

    • Listen: Relaxation Chakra Mantra

    • Listen: Purification Chakra Mantra

    • Listen: Activation Chakra Mantra

    • Quiz: Chakra Mantras

    • Resources and Further Reading

    • Give it a go

  • 9


    • Transformational Yoga Meditation

    • Yoga Nidra

    • Quiz: Meditation

    • Resources and Further Reading

    • Give it a go

    • Listen: Yoga Nidra - 2

    • Listen: Yoga Nidra - 3

  • 10

    Chakra Asana Sequence

    • Transformational Yoga Chakra Asanas - Sequence

    • Full Chakra Sequence of Transformational Yoga

    • Resources and Further Reading

    • Give it a go

  • 11

    Deepening your practice

    • Deepening Your Practice

    • Before we end...

    • Resources and Further Reading

    • Congratulations and Thank You!

  • 12

    Bonus Material

    • Affirmation Cards

    • Personalize and Accessorize Your Yoga and Meditation Practice

What have others said

and why do they love Transformational YogaTransformational Yoga®...

Transformational Yoga is life changing

Christine C.

Transformational Yoga is life changing. I love the effect it has on my body, mind and soul. Lisa is a gifted and inspiring Teacher.

Experience true bliss and awakening

Kelsey N.

This is by far the biggest Transformation and Involution I have ever experienced. Lisa will guide you, share her knowledge, wisdom and tools to set you on your unique path of True bliss and awakening. She is the most caring and passionate teacher I have ever come across, nurturing and wrapping her students in pure, divine, unconditional love!

Frequently Asked Questions about this course

  • I don't have any prior yoga experience, should I still do this course?

    Yes absolutely! This course is suitable and available to all, even beginners, irrespective of yoga experience or practice, this training intends at establishing a solid base of knowledge about the functioning of the yogic bodies, the energy systems and the mind.

  • Can I become a Certified Yoga Teacher through this course?

    The great news is that this 100-Level Transformational Yoga® Certification course counts towards your 200-Level Transformational Yoga® Teacher Training course. You can complete the Teacher Training on line (the next course in the series) or you can complete it in person at the different Transformational Yoga® schools for example in India or South Africa, as well as in other locations.

  • I'm not very flexible, I'm worried about the yoga poses, should I still do this course?

    The beauty of Transformational Yoga® is that you only need to go as far as your own body is comfortable in going. The essence of Transformational Yoga is identifying the “sweet pain”, which means feeling just enough tension that you know where the trapped energy pockets are. One of the key differences in Transformational Yoga is that it is not about perfection of the pose at all.

  • How long is the course?

    This is a 6-week self-paced course. We will guide you through the content, but you are welcome to spend longer on different chapters.

  • Can I access this course on my mobile device?

    Yes, the course is designed to render beautifully on laptops, desktops and mobile devices.

  • What does it mean that this course is Certified?

    Upon completion of this course, you will receive your SriMa International Transformational Yoga® certificate. If you would like to carry on to teacher level, the 100 hours from this course can be counted against your 200 Level Transformational Yoga® Teacher Training. 

  • How is the course presented?

    We have provided a variety of engagement mechanisms ranging from videos, presentations, audio recordings to workbooks and downloads.

  • What will I need for the course?

    You will need access to a network (preferably Wi-Fi), computer or smart phone with a speaker, ideally access to a printer. From a yoga perspective you will need a yoga mat and a meditation cushion or standard pillow.

Some of the benefits of learning online

Sure, you can travel to a Yoga studio, but there are so many benefits of learning online

  • Learn anywhere at any time

  • Learn at your own pace

  • Lifetime access

  • No commuting necessary

  • Lower your carbon footprint

  • No need to worry about social distancing

  • Lower costs

During the course the following techniques are applied in order to accomplish personal transformation for yourself

You can also see more detail in the course curriculum

  • Asanas (Poses)

    Asana training and practice is your opportunity to examine the asanas in depth and learn the science behind the physical practice. The proposed asanas are suitable for everyone from beginners to advanced and offer a holistic approach to health while focusing on chakra activation and energy circulation in the bodies.

  • Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

    Discover the healing potential of your breath. Breathing techniques are an essential component of Hatha yoga and its benefits include improved concentration, more energy, deeper sleep and reduced stress levels. Not only does it feed the brain, it also revitalizes the body since breath is the bridge between the body and the mind.

  • Mantras

    Mantra chanting generates vibrations which are fundamental tools for altering the psyche, and producing a tranquil and balanced mind. In yogic practices, the growth of our awareness progresses with the help of these vibrations. By cleansing our minds with mantras, decision making becomes clearer, observation power is awakened; purification leads to improved concentration and a calm focused mind. Mantras are translated and clearly explained within the course.

  • Meditation

    Meditation, Yoga Nidra, and various relaxation techniques are included in this online Transformational Yoga® training course in order to give you an experience of your pure nature, in which your ego dissolves and you'll find inner silence. You will be introduced to dynamic and still meditation. In addition to this, you will learn a variety of tools to help unlock your inner wisdom and access your true potential.

Still not sure?

This could be an ideal course for you if you agree with at least 3 of these statements

  • I’d like to experience more peace and calmness in my life

  • I have time on my hands

  • I’d like to gain a deeper insight into the science of Yoga

  • I’d like to transform some of my “not so nice habits”

  • I’m curious how to incorporate meditation and yoga practices into my everyday life

  • I quite like the idea of an internationally Certified course

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